Good post Abhijit ! I find CV is one of the most talked about subject on social media. Every second person on social media claims to be a Linkedin expert or Growth hacker. They all have an opinion on the over-rated topic CV , eg - one expert recommends to use CV format A & next day another expert refutes format A. The poor job seeker is in a state of limbo ! Next day an expert says the length of the CV should be 1 page ,& another expert says should be 2 pages. The poor job seeker is again in a state of limbo ! These so called experts & companies are messing up with the lives & minds of an earnest job seeker. Now everyday the jobseeker spends hours to reflect those changes in his CV. Why ? Because with the hope this new CV may click. After this job seeker has to grab the attention of the modern avatar of " God " - the recruiter . This God may may be a fresher, naive or incompetent. But the poor job seeker has to please the modern day avatar of God - the recruiter. I doubt you will get darshan of this modern day God - recruiter!

These CV experts may not know : Why one shouldn't waste time applying to job openings posted by recruiters. To solve this problem. I refer to Charlie Munger's quote - " One should learn to apply probability in life or you ass will be kicked " What a powerful statement ?

So let's apply probability of getting a call from the recruiter. With 1000 -3000 applications for a job in GCC. The probability of getting a call is 1/1000 or 1/3000 or .0001 - .0003. May be in the next life time the job seeker can get a cal from the avatar of God. Thank you Charlie Munger for your wisdom. This job application is like gambling in a casino or playing a game of poker wherein; the probability to win is negligible or zero. But still people go to casino for fun & entertainment. But applying for a job is a serious matter & not gambling for sure.

I urge the so called Linkedin experts & career companies, if they are truly interested in helping people then stop talking about the CV & come up with a tangible process to get a job faster & sooner. Yes there are few selected coaches like Abhijit & Mark in UK who are truly career expert. I wish all job seekers good luck & best wishes. Also apply their wisdom. Amen !

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We have moved from a few trusted sources of information to one where every person with a cell phone is a media house. The more sensational the news, the more eyeballs it gets. More views means more ad revenues. So the model incentivises click bait writers. It is important to know who you will believe.

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You Said It, was part of my morning ritual. Reading TOI is not the same without The Common Man. Just yesterday my grandmother was telling us stories of how RK Laxman would visit our home on his trips to meet his brother RK Narayan who was our neighbor. He enjoyed his drink. I miss seeing cartoon strips on digital subscriptions. I have been following you since my Wipro days and like your crisp sketchnotes!

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As usual, it's great to read your post. In a resume, I'm packaged as a bundle of skills and experience. The only thing that personalizes ME on that resume are my hobbies. This is why I wonder why one must not put hobbies on the resume. It seems to further the notion that a lot of non-HR folks have that HR only looks at people as resources and nothing else.

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